Pinpoint Technology is a professional engineering company providing products and consulting services to the metal industries. We are a critical team member that unlocks the growth potential of organizations ranging from small shops to large complex industrial businesses.

We are experienced change managers, offering standard and customized services and products for your needs, including the high quality Blendmaster® low cost blending optimization software. We focus on the raw material side of your business from market to finished goods.

Now is the time to implement a raw material blending system that will keep you competitive today and well into the future. Just a few of the areas where we will help:

  • Guiding raw material purchases
  • Optimizing floor blends
  • Scrap process tracking
  • Data trending and analysis
  • Raw material data warehouse
  • Live chemistry visibility
  • Streamlined production planning
  • Improved document control
  • Reducing raw material cost
  • Implementing robust systems
  • Minimizing end product variation
  • Saving time, effort and money
Pinpoint Technology Blendmaster

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