Pinpoint Technology, LLC

Integrated Engineering Services and Software Solutions for the global metals industry

We provide standard and customized services and products for your needs by focusing on the raw material side of your business from market to finished goods. This includes the Blendmaster® suite of products.

Now is the time to advance your raw material systems in order to keep you competitive today and well into the future.

Just a few of the areas where we will help:

  • Reveal which raw materials to Buy.
  • Streamline raw material process flow.
  • Evolve raw material production Planning.
  • Display the Scheduled raw materials and when will they be received.
  • Detail the Received raw materials (inventory in).
  • Manage the Processing Status of scrap loads.
  • Show the current state of your materials.
  • Optimize the best loads to Charge in the furnaces.
  • Document what material was Used (Inventory out).
  • Present the Quality history of the raw material.
  • Identify and reduce raw material costs.
  • Minimize end product variation.
  • Reduce keying errors and entry time through proven interfaces.
  • Save you time, effort and money.
Pinpoint Technology Blendmaster

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