Pinpoint Technology, LLC provides software products to improve your raw material processes including raw material purchasing and usage. Streamline and simplify your blending processes by using the robust, fully supported Blendmaster suite of products.

Our product lines include many custom software solutions and our main line software such as:

  • Blendmaster® - Shop Floor
    The Shop Floor system helps the blending operator build a low cost mix with your actual floor inventory, customized system limits, prices and regprocesses.

  • Blendmaster® - Purchasing
    The Purchasing system guides a raw material buyer to which materials are most cost effective in the current market place in order to make the lowest cost blends for this month, next month and beyond.

  • Raw Material Data Warehouse
    The Raw Material Data Warehouse provides seamless and safe data storage. Using a common data model enables users to have improved visibility of trends, clarity of operations and faster response times for improved decision making.

  • Blendmaster® - Processing Zones
    Processing zones enable jobs to track byproducts, downtime data, run times, plans vs. actual data and more. The processing zone can change lot statuses so raw material is available for right area in the plant.

  • Blendmaster® - Custom Interfaces
    Blendmaster will successfully interface with most spectrometers, inventory systems, ERP systems, and order management systems so data only has be entered one time.

  • Blendmaster® - Dashboard
    The Dashboard displays all furnace chemistry in one visible location allowing operations to make proactive adjustments allowing all production to stay in customer specifications.

  • Blendmaster® - Job Scheduling Module
    The Job Scheduling Module provides a powerful scheduling tool for the blending operator to build and stage mixes for production.

  • Blendmaster® - Quality Module
    The Quality Module collects all quality related information for batches and samples from surface, chemistry, product samples to test and analysis results. Key data are collected and attached to the product for reporting and logging.

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